About Us


Colburn Leisure Centre was opened in October 2002; in 2011 the Leisure Centre joined Richmondshire Leisure Trust and become part of the expanding remit of the organisation within Richmondshire. Richmondshire Leisure Trust is a registered charity that provides leisure activities and community development services in Richmondshire. This provision is delivered from Richmond Swimming Pool, Colburn Leisure Centre, Liberty Health Club, South Park Café Darlington and along with variety of outreach activities for all ages across Richmondshire.

The Richmondshire Leisure Trust brand is defined by a number of attributes. Its range and breadth of facilities and products are the foundation but the quality experience created for our customers is determined by our teams and their personal desire to help customers of all ages lead active, healthy lives.

A brand identity requires a number of components, such as a set of consistently delivered standards that separate the brand from its competition making its identity unique. The operational standards that we set ourselves and how we deliver these, underpin our identity and the experience a customer receives.

The standards set out here take account of feedback received from our staff and customer surveys, as well as our key drivers of customer recommendation. They enable everyone to understand what is expected of them and the importance of excellence and consistency. This is what allows our customers to have an enjoyable and memorable visit every time.

I trust every Richmondshire Leisure Trust staff member will strive to deliver these standards and their personal best.

Why Choose Us?

Colburn Leisure Centre has easy access to the facilities, plenty of parking; the gym is all on one level, we offer several different classes, sunbeds and a protein bar. Colburn Leisure Centre is a friendly centre, offering a safe environment for all of our customers.
The classes that are on offer at Coburn Leisure Centre are:
• Gentle exercise
• Circuit training
• Dance Fusion Gold
• Zumba
• Functional HIIT
Please contact the centre if you require any more information about any of the classes and booking systems.

Gym 95%
Exercise Classes 90%
Supportive Staff 95%
Swimming 90%